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Saturday, August 22, 2009

how to you love your country x'self?

1. receives candidly
Loves our own country it is of course same also we love our own family, and in the family has in giving balance by the god in it good, ugly, less, more and all kinds of of things concerning life we to keep house. can receive it candidly is an our respect to country as well as our own family.

2. builds it
Builds it with our better love from at building it with perforced. because with perforced to all results which you have earned will never can make you happy.

3. takes care of its the authenticity
a his its sure country having tradition, art, cultural and natural resources that is is not owned by other country. by taking care of authenticity owned by our own country it is of course we can bound in honour our own country. and esteems excess of other country.

Actually still many ways is earning we to do to love country place of where we are borne. and one of them is is without destroying our own country good name and destroys its(the authenticity. shows our love to our own country is one of way of be well reputed good of country we are eye by world as well as our neighbours. so let us becomes public people which good for our each country.

Friday, August 14, 2009

My country indonesia will celebrate the Independence

On agustus 17 2009 this moon, my country indonesia will celebrate its the Independence anniversary wich to 64. Thanks God.. because you has given this state strength. as well as the never give up combatants which has unite this state, from Sabang until Merauke. The beautiful Country. The Country consisted of by islands unite without existence of constraint. with one purpose of the same and they also struggles together. history is valuable possession and doesn't ever betrayed struggle of the warriors. and now is it's the moment makes indonesia far more means.


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